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Monday, December 17, 2007
@ 6:14 AM

hmms.. today woke up like so many many times.. cos i wanna slack at bed.. but still climb out of it and showered, had my lunch and then headed for band. hmms... wasnt late for band like i thought i would well... hmms.. then met faeez on the bus lols =.= then pass romey his pressie. well.. after band. they crowded and talked. met ms ang too. headed to tampinies. got myself drink and food. lols. then waited for the arrival of my cousins. hmms.. shopped around and snacked too. bought them back on my momi's car. what luck i travelled in the most stoopid way to get to her car. and got hit in my chest plus, hand is dirtied. what a luck these days. hmms.. back home and ate apple. lols.
* Today heard something, notice the picture? hmms.. wasn't for nothing.
thanks to my wife.* well.. there's so call four types to these cases. heard of bulimia and anorexia? there are four cases. two each.
case one, you eat a lot and then you over-exercise, no.2 you dont eat, no.3 , you eat a lot and then you find way way ways.. to get it out, using laxatives or slimming stuffs. and no.4 is you eat and you vomit. which makes me irks..
well it could be very very bad. and i am emphasizing on the fourth case. =) well.. i really adore my wife, well any questions bout it you could ask her, a homeac student. ms FANGYI~ learn to learn from her. and well thanks for your hairband. love yer. and misses HIM loads.


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