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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
@ 7:37 AM

hmms... just so random..
got a new laptop from fujitsu.. aint the type i would get... 'cos i want the one from vaio... =] Got a camera from sony too.. ~woots~* the best nars .. a T2...

hahas. today woke up and went to vivo with my cousins and my lil'sister.. [ after she just piss me off] *-* well, we went to have lunch at BK. then took pictures [ will update later] then went to get stuffs from candy empire, and went to catch a movie. *FRED CLAUS* hahas. really touching as well as funny. people should go watch it. really wanted to watch enchanted but no one is accompanying me. =(
my cousins got bikinis, and we went home straight, waited at the taxi stand like for so long then we went to take the MRT. [ what the heck] chatted all so long that we almost miss our stop, hmms.. went to get my drinks.
* Haven been starting on my work for so long , and have been really lagging behind. maybe starting soon?? some updates on whats happening to me.
firstly, some freaks made my life miserable and some of my close ones know.

secondly, i felt my closest ones just kept doubting me.
lastly i just felt that i'm a loser that becoming from bad to worst.
hmmms... think its not enough, well i have my own type of problems but i also have my way of happiness through this. =] smile people cause you might never know, that there would be people living on because of your smile each day.
plus it lengthens your life. laughs~*
hmms.. and people... i'm going on a cruise soon~ hahas. zealous? be jealous.. hahas. okay people i have to go. anything feel free to contact me. although i will be busy. but will try to reply asap. love yers.
P.S i suddenly thought of my plastic gals. michelle , carmen & weixin
really love you guys, take cares. suie

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.