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Friday, October 26, 2007
@ 12:47 AM

hi~! been lagging soSOSO much recently.. guess hardly anyone comes 'round my blog now.. since i have been not blogging for this LONG period of time. =] Have been caught red-handed with much GOSSIPS.. and well i shan't say much; since it should be kept .... not known.. =]
Got back much of a crapping results..duh [i failed my english]..=( tsk tsk.
yepps.. and my house have been [unhappily] renovated.. recently have been going through quite much of the downs... and not saying much since i din wanna share with some unknowns here and there. [ask only if you are close to me ; and only if you know i would tell you] hmms.. actually wanted to upload pictures of recent happenings and get a new blogskin before blogging a new post [announce of arrival] kekez. But since this ain't my computer and i have been given a limited period of time to use... =(
hmms... school ended yesterdays...!~three cheers indeed.
BADNEWS. [ coaching starts next mnonday] boos~...
yeeps... hmms.. since have been getting those crapps results slapped upon my face guess gonna brush up a bit during the holidays. [since we are 'KINDLY' reminded by our 'LOVELY' vice-principal]
the new one if you guys are wondering.=] what a sacarstic one indeed too...=]
going to have a class chalet soon.. and some etc.. should really get some time to prepare for SALES.
woots~* hahas... yepps seasons and end year sales are coming. [people are getting jobs... should you?] =] lalas~ now on a book tittled ' women who lunched' sounds tsked... aint it? hahas. got to read it.. never once judge a book by its cover... =] hmms... been stuffing lots of junks down since holidays are here and theres nothing much to do.. for a case.. [ my handphone is down.. and i cant find my charger..] worst of worst. my second handphone was confiscated and i forgot to get it back.. and by chance i lost its charger too... okays... so i should be send to the hospital for a brain-scan indeed. [how worst can my case [stm] gets??] laughs~*.. well dont blame me for not regconising you next time down the street.. oh yeas.. saw 305 form teacher yesterday at takashimaya.... hmms... wondering**.... hmms.. lets not all go bossy around...
now... got a few pounds on... and i got a tip from hamtaro that you can lie your way through the weight and height indicator...[whether for the good or bad]...
*smirks*... hmms... band practice is the least of least.. and theres like much to do...??
hmms... i wished for all the best for the up-coming cca fair but... i hope even better 'things' going arounf in band.. sorry to be straight and direct... but HEY~ [whats the use of a big band... but no teamwork, unity, relations, helps, quality, etc? quantity matters.. yes i know but not piority]
i hope all of us could worl for a better band future... and not led to its downfall.. i hope for the best and i hope the next leaders can actually do better,.... even the sake of excelling pass us...=]
hmms.. alrights i got much to do till' i get another chance to use the computer... and go online.
hopes for the best people... loves.. suie.
'our rules our game'


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