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Thursday, August 23, 2007
@ 7:29 AM

Gahhs~ up right handed by my maths! tsk tsk. blames myself for skipping much of the lessons. Mr. zaihan din come today and as the usual we skipped P.E. hais~ i was hoping to have you see.
hmms.. then slept through the whole two periods hmms.. woke up by winnie..{ okay how cute can she get?!} =]
hmms.. was the usual aka stuffs. hmms... exception that we have to rush home to get our instruments. =] {ate in such a hurry =[ ..} hmmms.. Today Peeps from SCAF came down to do some recording of the pieces.. for some purposes. then was like half of the band was kinda nervous and we were not allowed to make any noises, but the moment of pauses between each recording , gosh how noisy can we get. hmms... reacording dragged awhile and band was dismissed. { *grrs* there's gonna be band practice on SATURDAY!} clashes with my tuition anyway. tsk tsk. hmms.. dont understand why they dont want to make full use of friday? since its gonna be free anyway. hmms.. oh well.. since someone commented me that i was such a troublemaker hmmpfs.. think i shouldnt make any much comments. But dont say i didn't warn you guys. =] Accompanied them to mondi oh well.. they ordered fried stuffs.. *damn* hmms.. i cant have them. *grrs* ate some cookies, then headed over to do some groceries-shopping for my family.. lols. bought lotsa sweet stuffs. hmms.. =] headed back home for a shower.
Now having problems with my maths and obviously, kinda give up lols. but going back to them later anyway. hmms.. life seems to be a total repeat.
{a quote from today's discussion}
Money and power is not everything;
but people in this world live for it;
love having it;
knowing it can change everything ;
and anything;
but alas , for they do not know;
that actually what it really change is the one who have them.=]
Loves suie.
Cant simply understand why.
some things are better not known but some do have a reason for existence. =]


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.