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Thursday, August 09, 2007
@ 7:31 PM

Lets start the whole damn thing on wednesday. Was supposingly not going to school that day.
But oh well went after all that. was the celebration of national day in school. Was actually kinda bored. But sang with winnie. =] Went to tamp mall after that and watched movie with hamtaro thems. We watched alone. {enjoyed scaring bao bei now and then.} RAndoms after the movie and went off to meet the SOHS. shopped around then went back home. accompanied xinns dinner then due to unbearable tiredness i dropped onto my bed. sweets~ slept till the next morning. NATIONAL DAY!! happie people? did you guys enjoy the fireworks? { oh i know i sure did.} =] woke up round eight [ did lay there for quite awhile] hmms.. then saw hamtaro's msg...
met her and thems at eleven plus. [we manage to get bao bei there]=]
{he din regret in the end like he was at first} =]
Was suppose to get umbrellas and stand there for the parade but went off shopping. still.. hmms... got a few stuffs for my sis. din actually get much for myself 'cos partly dun felt like and there aint much for me. oh well.. went back to to find aaron thems. and went to aaron's father's office's balcony/rooftop to catch the fireworks. hahas. it was damn damn terrific, almost like jumping down as the fireworks boomed right infront of us plusplus its like coming towards us. hahas. took much of those pictures and then we went to have a bite . [while scaring one another] =] bao bei left to have steam boat while we went subway, i had coffee like two cups that day.{zzz} =.= oh well.. then went home fetching my sister. {chatted awhile on the phone with carmens, her and her usual. =]
then watch a show 'bout guessing the price of an item with my mumi... dont get but it but oh well... till 1a.m and slept.
woke up quite fine this morning sees like i din even catch a wink. hahas. but still pull myself upp. went to get breakfast as usual {its good to have breakfast} . (i abhor peeps not getting breakfast) 'cos i do. =] Wanted to have my favorite but it was sold out by the time i got there so got a few buns. =] bunny!!! {have a thought of romey (only he knows what's talking me) =]}
hmms... could probably catching a movie later on with my dear dear lovely lil'sis... since i haven got much time with her everyday. so tired oh well.. shall continue later byebye peeps...
=] i guess i should have bin gone if not for you guys. for this i owe for this i shall.


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