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Monday, July 09, 2007
@ 7:49 AM

{bloated} ... Ate so much today like there was no tomorrow for me to eat ever agains....
laughs~* hmms... Started the day with a not-so-pleasant-sight oh well... guess it was a bit mishap here and there. Lost my entire daily work file and my chemistry file... what the heck...
Anyway today was like the first entire monday we spent starting from the school reopen 'till now. laughs~* hmms.. was two periods of mother tongue and yepps we got to trouble. {kinda standard when you met her as your teacher} Physics was as the usual {filled with his crapps =] }
after recess was then chemistry , lab session... walked there with marvin's company =]
English!! My most current favorite period/lesson and and teacher? hahas. =] laughs~* slept through his periods and gave as breaks!! woots~* and doing his work was actually quite a enjoyable thing to me. {just don't know why? when i hate him so much at first} lalas~ oh well then was lunch / star period -i hate you- and then was 'o' level SPA review. laughs~* didn't take as long as i thought it should. hmms... Then went to get something from mondi and walked michelle home.. {stoopid guys for abandoning her} Hmms... perhaps gonna catch transformers with her { stoopid marvin!} *giggles* =] hmms... mummy provided me some cash for stationaries {get real} hahas gonna restock them like tomorrow {hopefully} hmms... that's all for today - i'm feelin' oh so not me -
hahas. gotta go! =] { 14th of july event at conerstone =]}

Just passing through the times;
wondering and pondering 'bout the past times;
wish that i could make a better choice;
like for the sake of me and you.
love suie , *smirks* =]

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.