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Sunday, June 10, 2007
undaunted @ 4:05 AM

Dont know what i did all i remembered was my tummy was damn bloated and i was feeling all so weaken and tired....
slept 'till four today... slackz on the bed for like twenty minutes more.. then couldn't take it anymore 'cos i'm hungry... hmms... showered and try to find something to eat.
decide to go get something at eastpoint. =)
Then some calls came while i have to call back to some miss calls and reply to some messages...
waited for some peeps to egt my dinner... waited like one hour. i got cheated.
heck care.
got myself something and went to crystal house.
ate 'till the brim, then was enjoying my snackz later on.
think i'm mad. i think i am gonna be a fatter piggy after the holidays.
hmms... 'bout band... things hasn't actually been going all that smooth and so.
Think... hmms... i hope band will not fall in our hands. i hope. hmms...
But most importantly to survive through this we need the whole band to be very very united to support one and another. i guess that;s all plus the never dying determination! hmms... i guess that's all... i am craving for something in my mouth agains. and and i baked cheesecakes!!!!
muahahas. ending here.
"my sweet taste of vanilla;
hugs my desire of lovely ******;
with the smell of lavenders and lilies;
and my hopes and dreams;
i will always love you as it seems."

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.