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Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 9:34 AM

Today was actually planning not to come for school but there was band...so..hmms....
Like what i expected, i slept throughout lessons.
So i don't think i know what's going on today in class.
Was then woke upp by the reading of positions and well, i got detention.
Heck, i was not even late recently. hmms... but oh well it did some help of getting me kinda
well awake. laughs~* hmms... then was band, me, hamtaro, lch, ivan , cher, Axel and siewin rushed to interchange to have our lunch, muahahs and we are like {...} kekex. rights.
Band was like playing, going through Essential elements, then was the marches, hmm....
Practice ended early and the leaders met for formation planning. oh well, guess it wasn't that smooth-sailing. But at least everyone's on it. =) cool~
Since it was that late everyone went home kinda like straight after that. I was supposed to meet crystal at eastpoint, at that point of time i thought everything was gonna be alright, and who knows. hmms~ well don't wish to dwell on that matter.
Bought my marshmallows! i'm so happy.
Had my supper from my daddy and momi!!=)
Was something 'decent' finally. oh well. =) {am craving for something}
Gss is like today?! cool hopes hopes i can go later laughs~*
::I hope i fulfilled your wishes;
Gave you what you wanted;
Whether from the start are you just faking it;
Or it was supposed to be a lie;
I don't care;
I don't mind;
Cos' this is what i wanted;
And i wouldn't care much;
Since all i did was what i bought to myself;
Then might as well i stop this agony and trouble i gave;
To let you live your life once and again;
happy as before;
blissful as you deem;
Just to let you know;
I may seem;
But yet differ;
P.s i'm here but yet ALONE~

Sweets suie , caramel and vanilla, two of the same, but why not together, the best of combination.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.