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Monday, May 21, 2007
@ 7:08 AM

Today was so damn tired~ Went to school and realized something during lessons.
{ i wasn't the only one who was feeling that way} laughs~* =)
The class was like totally in the zombie mode. Ms Tan let us check our overall the first thing in class and i need to see the principal?! lols. Just because i failed my English ....=.= {i passed everything else}
Never mind. Then was like sleeping through every lessons except for maths and physics.
Then there was like band meeting afterwards.... was deciding which formation and where to do it... delayed a lot of time.... then decided to work it out at 201 Mac hmms.... ate damn lot and lot. {cher cher!!!} hahas =p
Then was serious planing and stuffs, damn the CC so many ickies. hahas !
Then it was unbearable so we all went back to Mac hmms... some leaders left early 'cos they can't stay too late. soon 12 become six then soon left the five of us, {all girls} lols. ^-* stayed and snacked too. Completed the steps like 'bout eight plus, well great jobs guys {to everyone} !! =) Don't be discourage, if you think you guys din help much, relax there's even much more to do now you all can start helping and putting more efforts now. We did appreciate it. =) Anyway. Also don't give up i have faith in you guys.
Hahas. okays gotta go rush my work for chinese. Grrs* well toodles~
Sweets~* suie <3

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