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Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 7:23 AM

Today meet up with hamtaro and siewmin again. Laughs~* =)
We went on a mission and failed. =( hmms.... But oh well. {that irritating guard shucks}!
hmms... Was like trapped in so much stuffs? lols. but well manage to get it done.
Walked around eastpoint {suggested by siew min} hahas. We are so tempted ^-* hahas.
Hamtaro was the one not tempted, 'cos she was in for a big treat like erhs later at sakae?!
Then went to get my craves, my apple lattice. muahahas. And siewmin got her meal too.
Got home after hamtaro had to go, and i walked siewmin to the mrt since its on the way too.
Thought i wont be tempted, and once again i succumb to the so-called-lovely temptations.
*-* Oh well, hmms... Continued with my work while my lil' sis and crystal was lying around doing their stuffs. Then something sort of happen. Was then left alone with my daddy.... hmms...
Then went on with my school work. {remember what siew min said}
*craves for sweets* Sure to get diabetes some day. some how. =( kekex.
hmms... Feeling all so sticky suddenly. hmms... just so so.... so....... =)
Hopes i can catch all the movies i wanted to watch. muahahas.
loves loves and loves. Elps yepps and hope to take a look at kate moss's line of designs. {although menns commented that it was oh-so-bored} hmms.. we shall see. =)

I want a new tele! muahahas =)
Sweets~* suie eius suie


When whispers no longer survive;

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