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Saturday, May 19, 2007
catcha!! @ 7:17 AM

Couldn't sleep the whole night. So 'woke upp ' damn early in the morning.
After tuition was going to meet the band leaders for discussion of POP. Well but some leaders couldn't make it.
yeahs, so we have to make do with. Some problems pop out for the planing of day and time but we got that done, meet them at simei , going to do over at hamtaro's house. All of as stop at ntuc and bought whole lots of snacks and stuffs. spent 'bout thirty? laughs!~* think it was too much.
then spent awhile before we settled down. soon we begin to discuss.
the leaders there included - the two DMs , BM, jacjac, ivan tan, the two secretary, fangyi plus the three QMs.
lols. Soon some scotted to watch tv, slacked, and played. While the rest of us continued our work of our formation. Was going quite well exception of having to re-explain the formation parts to those who keep on playing then joining. *better **** some ******** peeps* rights. hmms....
anyway, was deciding on something and hope it works out perfectly, hopes jerome can help with it.
hahas. well just hope this all well be a success. Then slacked over at Hamtaro's house after the completed discussion then left the gals only and we saw something of common interest and mindful of...
the weighing machine...*-* rights. we all took our weight but promised not to leak out yeahs?
hahas. After that we went to have dinner at eastpoint. was kfc then ice-creams. muahahs.
so fattening. lols. and siewmin was like keep one pushing more stuff for me to gobble it up. hey hey!
hmms... yeahs. think with them was quite fun by the way, *was smsing someone throughout this whole thing*
Was not glad 'bout it. well.. skip that and straight home for me after they split. And the same cycle repeats. Gone straight to the comp i think. Well maybe awhile before going online, was like 'meeting' siew min there... hmms..
wells.... msning.... dont wish to dwell on it.
I'm a tough girl and i know it.
But i just realized i dont know how i could stand it.
i looked back and think upon it.
And realized it wasn't just a simple thing.
To them it may be.
But to me, certainly not.
i seldom think that what i wish will come true.
But i hope it certainly do.

Tears to me are nothing, just like the rain that falls upon my skin.
Vanilla loved. To me. And me. <3 suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.