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Thursday, June 07, 2007
undaunted @ 5:05 AM

These few days passed with agonys, but yet i'm happie to have someone right beside me and i know that , that someone will always be with me right? i do hope so dearly....
wasn't blogging as usual for these times. hmms... today was band , don't know what has got into me i bought like tons of snacks rather foodstuffs to band. lols. of cause we cannot have it before band so i shared with them after band , today band practice mr.goh went full blast on the marches and was like fierce?! these past two weeks his mood don't seem too well wors. hmms... oh well, i think if this carries on the two euophonium players and the two first cornetist well become shorter as it seems. {with mr.goh kept pushing and hitting or heads} ~laughs~* hmms... oh well, after band practice went to Mondi {as usual + don't know why jacjac and yunns didn't wait for us? oh well} then because there is nowhere to go so all of us went to north park, chit-chatted and played some really not our age games. the guys was like lols but we forced them. {okay i felt so badd} then was really slacking hmms... went on the bus and to east point accompany hamtaro to help winnie. then sent her home while waiting for crystal and my lil'sister? hmms... then went straight to crystal's house to do some stuffs which includes now blogging?
i cannot go online at home?
hmms... wanted to go somewhere far far far aways. hahas {talking crapps}
My addictionx for marhys won't stop loves loves loves thems.
tempt me with marshys and i will follow you. indeed.
hahas. kekex. loves loves muackies <3>


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.