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Sunday, May 27, 2007
@ 7:11 AM

Went to work today with winnie. =) Well. It wasn't so badd after all. And was quite easy, and was quite pleased with my results. {wait till you see later of the post}
Hmms.... Ate damn lot today, and my recent addiction {mango smoothie} gosh!! i had it almost everyday?! and i had two upsized cup today!!!.... >.< laughs~* must stopp!!!
Don't know why but wear 'till so punk rock today, lols. Din actually notice it untill someone make a comment then realized think i din look carefully at what i wear?! hmms... maybe because rushing to work ?!
Hmms... went to bugis afterwards to get some stuffs while meeting crystal. Then xinns work was cancelled half-way so she came with us too. Something cropped upp well?! neverminds. Bought and got what i want and ta dada~ me and xinns got something from topshop!! gosh!! Both of us are like bleeding now. I need work desperately. Money to repay my losses. =( sobbx~ hmms... i haven even got my pay ...... =.=
Tomorrow's gonna be a homework day for me? hmms.... gonna do my homework and then it will be oral and the worst thing is... i don't even know the timing for my both language orals? laughs~* =.= hmms....
dont know why i am so in the ~~~~~~~~~~~ MOOD. hmms... maybe i am jst sick and tired? or its so.....
that i have gotten used of it. a cycle. so might as well. hmms... {i'm not in a depressed/sad/angry kinda mood}
hmms... just so.... i'm a simple gal. =)

open my arms and i call out to you.
my sweet sweet lemon.
and white ribbon shoes.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.