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Monday, June 04, 2007
gurps* @ 2:03 AM

Okies finally got to online after all these while.
And get to blog. All these times been trying to slim down but i just kept eating and eating chomping all the fattening food stuffs. goshs* all the calories. been scolding myself but i just keep eating what the heck! =( i gotta do something.
hais, stoopid temptations.
i wanna go shopping realize that holidays sure pass fast. its just a short while and one two weeks are gone! arghs~ hopes i have all the time to go shopping and do my stuffs. Recents of band: band practices have been lessen compared to last year? laughs~* so bored nars. BORED!!! now with my Darling and baobei. hahas.
loves loves loves them. found out some shocking news that got me off guard totally. hmms...momi just bought a camera the one now being advertised one. hmms... i dont kinda like it. i want muahahas. gonna blast my savings on that. dont care. Now only me in the plastics haven got my own camera that i want.....
The peeps beside me are like play some games that only when you have nothing better to do then you will play. hmms...
i am so so so damn bored... hmms... eating chocolates.goshs~
hais, hmms... neverminds gotaa offline lers. byes!!

sweets sweets.
love suies.


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