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Thursday, May 31, 2007
@ 8:32 AM

Woke up several times, not just today but the past three days.... cannot even get some sleep.{peace} =.= Went to woke early in the morning, was kinda bored when you first went there and know nothing and can do nothing.. but then things started to get better as i get the hang of it. =) hmmm.... lunch actually was planning to wait for crystal to sent me but by the time she gonna get there my tummy was like grumbling like ~ *-* guess i should slap myself, i mean i cannot even skip a meal. i'm like even having the desire to go open the fridge now. Gahhs~~ stoopid suie.
constantly reminding myself. Goshes. hmms... since like lunch was provided - why not - =.=
bin' standing the whole day and met some really weird customers. dotz dotz
Reached home 'bout ten plus?! hmms... hit the showers shortly after that. Sh!t like craving to eat?! * constantly reminding* !!!!! Grrrs* neverminds. hmms.... so tired maybe gonna get some rest soon after this post! arrs~ hmms... nightX people!!! happie browsing!!

sweets suie <3
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