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Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 6:28 AM

Heyz people i'm back! yepps long long ago.
To update some of those freaks who dont even know that i went to TAIWAN!!
kekez... hahas. Was enjoying myself there exception for some stuffs!! Grrs*
Take it i'm lazy or perhaps my stm took over me. i wont post my happenings there.
Bought quite lotsa stuffs from there and gain some pounds after that, Damn!
*Oops* =X
next hahas ytd was my BIRTHDAY dont really think some of them remebered oh well who ncares.
{i wont give a damn to you if you dun even remember}
Just came back and band the next few hours., =.=
CELEBRATION on the 19th and 20th.
This year din took pictures of the total pressies.
yepps. {they were all so cute}
cheng! dont worry too much 'bout it. i love your pressie just as how i adores you! woots~*
yea a reminder i prefer white much more then pink.

Sayings 'bout today. Was woke up by my lil'sister and her piano. not sounding terrible, actually she plays the piano quite well. hmms.. =)
drag myself out of bed was actually accompanying marvin for a haircut but i end up going out with carmens. {sorry!}
Was changing halfway and menns told me venue was changed and i had to choosee another outfit , was quite lazy so i wear quite casual. {bugis} Reached there and she told me she was at raffles so called her and wait for her to come.
Got our drinks and yepps randoms, walking , looking , wondering about.old us they were from
Someone stop us , *tony&hunks* i think, {pardon for spelling error and so }
They asked both of us to be their student's model for haircut. and we did have the time { menns was like quite interested} and yepps we went for it. Almost regretted badly.
my hair is now even shorter, *sobbs~*
Met Han with menns then we went around walking was going for pool then they caught me and menns not reaching the age of sixteen {it was happie 15th birthday}
Was going to meet marvin then so went off while they went to Tamp mart to slack {think?}
yahs. Blahs and stuffs. gonna go conf. T0oo0dles~*

When whispers no longer survive;

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