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Friday, July 06, 2007
@ 8:47 AM

{people get it up; give it up to me; and set me free...}
Today was totally random. first two period of maths and half period of chemistry was like a total blank to me? {i slept the moment i step into the class} so you think? =]
*smirks* Anything. Then was like recess... walked around with 'juice' michelle got me. {how sweet}
{oh ya i gotta ask her something} hmms.. before that ms tan looked up for me... {gahhs}
anyways... skipped half period of english. and spent the half period of it in total 'duhhs' kinda mode.
lols. =.= then was maths again. Erhs bin' realizing that we have like a total of five periods of maths for tuesday and friday. *-* ''' oohs.... After school was like band.. {i dont wanna mention much what happened in the start} oh well. After planning so so much we ate over at S-11? =]
{had the pancake mich always eat there too} One of them bought it so i ate some of it. hahas~
{Can i have it like that}---Currently on this song....
Today the SIRS from SCDF came over to listen how 'well' we could play {as if} ...
Was like quite of 'kinda disaster' hmms... then then was like hmms.. Was terribly reprimanded by M.r Goh , {he showed us some videos then} was like in a complete awe of it, well amazed how actually i restrict what my instrument can do... and M.r Goh got 'us'{tuba and euphonium sect.}
new instrument.. and i was like that happie when he replied back i got you guys a new tuba....
{*-* huhs??} and and he repeat it like twice, isn't much but it was enough okays?? *gahhs*
Seriously i LOVE my EUPHONIUM. After band was feelin' bit hungry? oh well... Went to eat at EP hmms... then slack.... then home for me. {got the same kinda thingy again} ---
{Now on 'Swiss army romance'} lalas~ Can you believe if one day your parents just copy all your friends no. from your phonebook and and just call up you friends?! { i just wish to say sorry to those my momi rang up} *Grrs*
Homeworks for me. and i wants my sleep. Rules apply. i just wanna to die.{ put tis' 'cos it rhymes} =]

Even through the strongest objection;
its gonna be like... the reason i like;
i love, live and breathe;
for you and that's my everything;
i wanna say;
you are mine and never leave me alone like i was in the past.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.