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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
@ 6:53 AM

Started with a fine morning and realize... my hphone wasn't with me. {yepps it was confiscated}!!
by ms. tan. To say she is so 'cute' . .... anything. Tummy wasn't feeling so good this morning think due to yesterday supper... laughs~* hmms... Got to class first with xueling and immediately went to rush my work ..
din actually managed to complete it nar. hmms... oh well, back to lessons... Was english period for an hour found dat actually mr. teo was cute? lmao... he's like an old kid.. whateva. Then was mother tongue don't know why but 'cher din come so yeah we did our own work... recess was the usual rush homework thing~~ but was actually disrupt but my stoopid tummy ache.... *grrs* hmms... winnie was like so sick.. {hopes she will be fine by tomorrow} =] Chemistry was then super duper boring.. was 'bout metals and alloys. But that teacher manage to kept us going 'till the end and i wasn't referring to ms tan. Anything. Showed us some really hilarious videos well, actually more like kinda lameo thats why? {=]} hmms.. Was geography then Social studies. i really hate those guys in my group * Grss* and and mdm natasha deems that we have lost our explanation skills oh well... {hearing my father and lil'sister quarreling again...} so random and always... whateva. since i have lock myself in my room. homeworks been piling and topics getting messier then eva yucks... my hphone gonna be gone for two weeks... ~ =( hmms... well... after school was suppose to have detention but 'cos i have to do my identity card so i drag it 'till tomorrow. hmms.. did it finally muahahas... with the accompany of michelle.. and we went to plaza singapura to have lunch-dinner laughs~* Love it. scrumptous.... hahas. {due to some reasons i'm not telling what we ate} {think whateva you like BIMBO} hmms... after that met up and so. then went to get sweets hahas. and went home. gonna start on my homework real soon.. {i guess} i'm lazy... haha.
lalas~ shall going off soon~ don't miss my calls and sms guys~ missing yas~
love love suie!!


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