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Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 5:52 AM

{knowing that i've been so damn lagged}
Today was student's learning festival. Went to the courts and URA . hmms....
Was kinda bored there {i'm not the only one that felt so}plus plus the person leading us was like damn loud can...
early in the morning and that freaking *-* came and pick me up for a fight. lols. ~ i don't care 'bout her.
Took quite lotsa pictures with michelle we wandered off halfway hmms... not much to mention. During the trip back was like freak-hell... well not much for me but yinghans. haha hmms... romey was like 'bullying' yhans all the way. haha. took a slight nap too. down the bus and menns shouted. Tried to talk to her asked her some stuffs but she scolded me and left . Since they left without me might as well. Waited for marvin then me , fangyi , adraino , aaron and siewmin went to tamp mall. Got something to eat while we separated. Went back home and was like damn bored. looked through magazines and took a short nap. Chatted on the phone like a half an hour with weixin then went off to shower since she was so busy. Got changed and practically slacked on the SOFA! i'm so bored at that time can?! Went out, {really can't stand it} Had Kfc. shopped around... then went to get some stuffs for my lil'sister . Damn her~ !! well... got home before dad... wooots~ going to have dinner later,...
hmms... feeling all so thirsty now... maybe gonna have some milk woots... lala~ tomorrow's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG day... and and cos' of someone we can't have our lunch at opp. *grrs* fine~ hmms.. thinking that if....hmms.... oh well.... gonna have an early night anyway. hmms... gotta go. nights people.!! see you guys tomorrow.


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