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Friday, August 03, 2007
@ 9:36 AM

hmms... been so so busy, oh well... Right on schedule here.
going to have some tests coming... Spa which clashes with the rehearsal for scdf muahahas.
hmms... maths today is totally driving me MADD. =] *-* But not giving up anyway. band was tiring and homework piling up thanks to my laziness. =( hmms... gonna rush revising and my homeworks tomorrow. hmms.. bought quite a no. of books today at expo fair. hmms... and ate there. laughs~* hmms... hang around the playground for like quite awhile... and well.. din really wanna hang around my house area. but still... hmms... got bit' addicted to popcorn recently.. maybe thanks to certain peeps.. =) and and i miss my nachos.
Gonna try... some recipes out. hmms... if i still find time after all this. band performances, school. and everything. *Gahhhs* hmms...
But i still want my recipes to work out. muahas.
''bin' flipping through the pages;
searching for an unknown answer;
reading like a crazy reader;
and poring through all the unknown questions;
i just wanna have the truth;
all the answers to my every questions;
and yet.....and yet...."
*-* suie *-*


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.