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Sunday, July 22, 2007
@ 8:59 AM

hmms... woke up at nine. went to get breakfast my tummy was like grumbling and i was seriously craving for my porridge! hmms... had my breakfast with baobei cheng cheng.
then both of us was like smsing hamtaro the whole time. and we chatted 'bout baptism..
weird? but uh huhs. hmms... *we remembered yhans Christian name...* =)
then went back home to finish my remaining homework. finish it like in a hour. so was kinda free to revise my chemistry. gosh and 'til now i haven gone through a chapter. tsk tsk.
Went to eastpoint for like the second time. got something to eat saw cheng cheng again.
hahas. he was like kinda sad. he dislocated his arm. sadds~ hmms.. oh well and was helping him to control his cravings. he had to abstain himself from certain stuffs. oh well. back home and snacked like usual chatted on the phone with marvin. hmms... then went to eastpoint [yet again] to get bubbletea. then it rained on the way back what a luck! =)
hmms... back home and my parents was like doing their usual stuffs [like i cared] hmms..
force-fed. oh wells. tomorrows gonna work out. i want my marshmellows badly.
loves suie suie.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.