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Monday, July 30, 2007
@ 7:55 AM

hmms... hi out there! anyone missed me? oh well. back to blogging again. Hmms..
been having sleepless nights recently and oh well. recents happy birthdays to those born in the month of july and faeez whose birthday is today. =] hmms.. ended late today {like always}
and had lunch with thems. Was actually quite bothered by some stuffs. oh well back to this. had Mother tongue lessons and Teacher was like killing us with her sharp *blades* {eek} =]
Then physics, practically the whole class was utterly looked down by Mr.goh {for not revising}
Hey , but i did do my work which he din check in the end. =.= hmms... having for the next seven periods free and everything went bit chaotic. heys, you cant expect our class to go any rowdier? {p.s and we thought mr. Teo was so kind to us } =.= hmms. Went around shopping for stuffs. And picked up something i think i would never wear for my mumi. {she was the one who wanted it} hmms... and well... accompanied bao beii cheng cheng for dinner. he wasn't feeling so good. will get to him some time. rushing my work and got them done, before i could get my hands on other stuffs. { i haven got time for my magz for goodness}
hmms... guess its getting late . shall blog real soon some other times. Byes people yet again!~
*misses* suie`` -i want my shorts and dresses!


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