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Sunday, August 05, 2007
My... DAY @ 7:22 AM

Today was actually meant for me to sleep till i become piggy... oh well i woke up at eight in the end... Was waiting for someone to accompany.... oh well, tried my first recipe...X failed X.....
then went to get.... ingredients for the rest of my recipes. muahhas! got my ingredients with a certain time delayed due to some stuffs.
Went home and snacked while doing my apple pie!! woots~ hahas, was kinda semi success....=)
{my mood was completely thrashed after that} {let me be rip to a thousand pieces}
Then Then carmen visited me . she was meeting someone then. walked her to east point. Then back. Called you thrice. {not emphasizing anything}
Back at home and ate again. wanna puke.
it seems... i'm dying oh well. Rushed my homework.
{i used an hour for something not known to others}
Conferenced with hamtaro and baobeii; then baobeii ; then bao beiis ; then bao beiis plus romey; then marvin baobeii and crystal; what sh!T...
----now its 11 plus. dun feel like blogging those sh!t and come to the point.
i felt like what i felt all these years.
.....maybe michelle could understand my story; and cheng whom have experienced the same thing; and jacjac who really knows whats going on... and hamtaro who always have the wisdom to solve;
how i wish michelle's word came through but three months have reached and i'm not there.
'' you've gave me the world; yet none is what i want ''
'' just give me a chance to die; a hope to live; and never say ____ bye ''
'' you meant so much to me ; and gave me the will to live....... ''

until then... i may be it. a humongous energy released. i just have to say it ____ bye


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.