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Saturday, August 18, 2007
@ 5:40 AM

Realize that our everyday has become standardize...
{by: suie hamtaro yhans} =.= hahas..
Today was the standard way of time spend every Saturday.
Tuition. Went to get my coffee and then got some snacks.
Hmms... Waited for the bus.. then received baobeii call.
went to 201 mac. Met with bao bei. hahs.. finally he was later then us.
lmao. ate and then headed for tuition. Today tuition was a total slack. Din actually study.. MUCH. but oh well.
Was actually adapting to having hot drinks nowadays.
But i still want my fried food! *grrs* Such a torture.=(
Hilarious happenings , ivan's{bao bei} phone got confiscated by Mr.frank.
laugh out loud. =] Then we almost got stayed back by Mr. frank for another half an hour {Bao beii blamed me for this}
Offed early in the end. Went to meet hamtaro and yhans. Then chatted all the way there with bao bei cum hamtaro cum yhans.
We even missed winnie's block. laughs~* 'bout some random topic that are common among the four of us.hmms... headed to winnie's house.. [she came down to look for us and led us there] =)
lalas~ snacking throughout and found that her brother was actually his brother was kinda like her in terms on dressing. But behavior? NAHHS! laughs~* The concentration power in the four of us is like... ----- one hour ----- =] =.=
Went to snack and slack! Then played while blasting songs. muahahs. We set a time to get back to work.. but.. lmao..
Found out that winnie cum yinghans was kinda DESPO! lols.
=] kekex. Me and hamtaro should leave that scene out then.. =X
took pictures at her house. Muahahas. And we make a mess out of everything, today yhans was so spontaneous.=] love her la~
hmms.. Then walked home with hamtaro and yhans as winnie got to go over to her grandma's house. *-* Some stoopid things happen when some *morons & Fools* kept irritating us. Damn them. Plus yhans went to reply them... =.= neverminds. Accompanied yhans to get her dinner , and then got my coffee.. laughs~* Was damn tired nahhs. hmms... gonna start my revision damn soon.. and serious i'm so so lagging behind. *arghs* Been having chocolates the whole day , damn fattening! arghs* stoopid me. how i wished that chocolates are not fattening... or should i say how i wished that food aren't fattening at all? lmaos. that's not possible?! But while in my dreams perhaps. =] tsk tsk. naughty me gonna mind my weight then.
i just discovered that dreams are meant to come true;
but hopes and wishes aren't;
thus, fantasies are created;
that are not meant to be done. =]
Loves suie. how i wish that power don't change one's character.
and people will just live life till the fullest with a contented heart. =]
signed off deeply.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.