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Friday, August 17, 2007
@ 7:08 AM

yepps. haven been really updating my blog recently ... today was games day inter-competition for the uniform-groups... first round for band was with the Girl-guides and ms quek was like...erhs... i even voted her as my fav.. teacher? never the case then.. the first round and i'm substituted out.. *grrs* i tripped over a sec 1/2 girl which curl up right in front of me... but oh well to say the truth i think i kicked her in the waist when i tripped over her... *-* oh well.. then was like some Uniform group started to be that damn vicious and oh so well. hmmpfs! 'cos some of our members to suffer{ special thanks to the st.johns! especially kenneth}. And seriously my first time.. i saw fangyi [wife] and siew min to play that oh-so-violent! can you imagine... siew min and fangyi?? lmao.
But today the members of capt played very very well... *claps* Then comes down pour which also post-pone the matches... to another day/date hmms.. and NCC girls won. Was actually glad and happie for thems. The afters... Loaned my instrument home since Mr.goh was setting tests for us to fight for our ranks a.k.a to be promoted. { knew some secrets bout postings anyway} hmms.. actually wasn't really i cant get over it but oh well. Went back home to put my instrument before getting out again. accompanied him to have his dinner and did some shopping around , end up getting snacks and food items for my mumi. Got a color for my toes.
hmms... think its gonna be nice but oh well.. went back and had a shower was kinda so *high*.. oh you guys should know why... opened my chocolates and gulped down two yakult.. hmms..
trying hard to find my pictures and think i gonna find them soon enough.. hahas. oh well. Doing CME project tomorrow.. hmms... and having things to packed up in the days / weeks. Was kinda saddening when i cant go to m'sia. hmms... But since... gotta go perform then...
okay.. think i gotta go off le.. ups for anything? find me in msn or friendster bah. cya!
loves suie!`

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