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Thursday, September 06, 2007
@ 5:14 AM

today was P.O.P hmms.. band suppose to start at 10.45... Me , safirah and ivan went there at 9 plus.
hmms... we are suppose to do something. jorshe was there too... hmms..
band end up started at only one plus... hmms... this year formation was the easiest it was almost perfect but was ruined by the ending. hmms..
about the rank thing i din want to mention much. hmms..
played a few songs and congrats to those who got their post!!.
drum major. dhalila
band major. romey
deputy drum major. yunns
hmms..... took pictures with our ex ex ex leaders. hahas. kai li's batch came back . hmms..
missed jasmine a lot a lot.
hmms.... then we gave stuffs we got for our senior!! { i'm so glad with the enormous card!!}
hahas. hmms.... still thinks... {our's the best} a bit thick skinned. but haha!!
^-^ hmms... then went to FALL IN. hmms.. welll i gotta get over with it. hmms...
okay la... just a bit dont felt like studying or revising here... !!!~ think i gonna just get back with where i left..
hmms,.. gotta go... pictures on top. muahhas.
love suie.
what's gone cannot be chased back;
what's not yours shouldn't be taken;
what's right can be wrong;
and what's wrong can be right;
some say yes;
some say no;
a legend never been tell;
a miracle never been shown.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.