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Monday, November 05, 2007
another crapps @ 4:30 AM

~ another day at school~ this week we NEED to be back to school for coaching exception its for humanities... i hope it wont be like another similar chinese coaching but... who knows....

we are off at promtly ten... we are suppose to be off like eleven... lols.

went to school today alone, and i thought i was late..=] but i wasnt.

met up with menns and mich and xinns. hmms.. chat awhile and we are off to different locarions. yepps they are of history students. i take geography , nothing's new here. ms tan and mushmom din make it, so it was mdm hartini. copied like hell, and did some chatting. hmms... [ the gal out there anything give me a call yea?] hmms... [i hate matt like hell] freaks!~ went to SAC... yepps... muahahas waited for like 45 mins for the history students... saw baobei like, its been long since i saw and chatted with him nar. hmms.. well then went to tampinies funny thing, all of us thought we are watching movie over there but end up was at dhoby ghout , lmaos. hmms... watched gameplan with kamal , menns, matt, mich , franz... whatever you guys think i felt damn extra. =] oh well. [kinda badd for dragging kamal there. but well glad he enjoyed it too... *i lost my book ~sobbs~ and well my bookmark!!!*

got the tickets and we went to grab some bite, the show was good. went straight to pasir ris after that to meet my ma-dar-vin, as you guys know.. my lala. hahas. =]

hmms.... supposingly to do some studying but then we went finding my book~ kay kay~ hmms...
headed to simei then shopped around , so sian....
at home le, quarrelled with my sister. damn her freak her. crazy freak.
i hate ... vulgur

When whispers no longer survive;

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