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Sunday, November 04, 2007
@ 2:41 AM

woots~ went to ms tan-opps- mrs chua's wedding yesterday.. hahas.
she look so different ... [i mean it] i cannot even regconize her, her hubby dont look like a teacher by the way.
after all the blessings and everything headed to plaza singapura with michelle , franz and matt. shopped around and did some random stuffs and topics. =]
then headed to tampinies to accompany michelle to get her dinner... while planning stuffs...and we saw golden mile's waffles... lols.
hmms... gotta get them before they move... if not it will be tad tedious the next time. =] hmms... took quite much pictures... although i dont have them but soon and i believe you guys can look at it through MRS CHUA'S photographer's website. =] hmmms~ today was like damn freaking, woke up several times and sort of shouted. *-* well, got up and got to expo instead of payalebar. look at stuffs , and went to eat. got home with stuffs . [ i dropped my tea~!!]
hmms.... gotta off here.. so stuffs have been... shorten... love yer guys.
'i know my love & sacrfifices can be ignored;
but my determination and trust wont go withered'
love ~ suie


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.