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Monday, November 12, 2007
@ 3:20 AM

hahas~ i finally got my roomie done and left only two three more things to do and my roomie is completed~ muahahas. [ i still mind having so many cabinets] *-* oh wells....
today went to town with mich , xinns , matt [my dadi] and kamal... hohos...=)
we got menns somethings... *-* hohos... hmms... [b'cos of her we din manage to get our stuffs] laughs~* no offence... =] I finally got my birthday pressie and thrilled... i swear i'm like gonna use it now and then.. muahahas... [yikes~ and i owe my dar-lala one too] oohs~ i hope he dont get the aches... that is..
=( oh wells.... been busy lately and under the same curfew since dadis back... poor me and lucky mich [ her momi went to m'sia and that means she is free] oh yeah , carmens birthday is on the 15th of november guys~ woots~ give her a birthday wishe... and blessings too.. =] hope i could stay much later for her birthday. hmms... i'm begging my dadi for that oh well... ?-? got a bag today, together with mich and weixin.. but its like argh~... hmms... oh yea i'm hoping to see how lala will look during his prom since its a surprise to all... kekes and i'm not telling... *smirks* lalas~ hope his outfit will be complete by then.. =]
did i mention there's band hmms... hahas really miss my eupho..~ =) buts its gonna clash in with everything. oh well... shall see how when things come...=] i believe a way out by the rainbow.
okies i gotta go soon lols... i hope i can find a nice blog skin.... its like i haven changed one for so so so long... laughs~** take care everyone...
loves suie~``


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