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Thursday, November 15, 2007
@ 10:30 PM

Was actually gonna blog yesterday but it was so late and tiring and i gotta do some stuffs so its like i decide to blog today~ =] hmms.. about yesterday.. it was carmens birthday and it was her party. woots~* its was enjoyable and we all did have a happie half-a-day there~ =]
it was such a remote place and we are all cheated by carmen... it was at eunos...=.=
well... after getting there carmen let us in.. her dad's studio is super cool...duhs~
^-^ then we chatted while people are pouring in... not many did came upon her invitation.. but it was nice cos its all the 'known' ones =]
laughed and played damn many games... lols... plus we had some -R-ated- pictures and shows... kekes...
guys did the strip tease... lmao and we saw my dadi (matt) and mumi (menns) in act~ woots~ and well some are should be left untold. kekes. the pictures at the studio were actually so cool... i like the one hanging inside the roomie... =] kekes. OH~ and many pictures were took... [despite of my untidied baby hair.. i was so sponteneous of taking pictures with thems.. hahas. ^_^ hmms..[pictures are at mich and menns] =] then it was cake cutting , hahas carmen was like so 'surprised' *-* lmao.
laughs~* then weixin started a cake fight... lols and kimsiong came out as a winner... his face was so clean~ *arghs* =p then we all went out to the studio to chatt and stuffs since the adults wanna get cosy inside...[ we are drove out] laughs~* then it wasall music... but damn....~~~~~ like no one is sporty except for hengyu and carmen... some start some stone , some then stopp then some start.. it was like half high half dead.. soon ks needa go.. then slowly more and more. then lights went off.. music on to dance hits.. tada.. and the groove was all so on. lols. i pulled mich and she could dance. she's hot.. okay so the plastics are hot except me. *smirks* [ i guess guys are jealous of me 'cos i've got the best gals... ] lmao~hahas~ kidds. but they three are really the best. LOVE YOU GALS LOADS~ hahas. hmms.. soon mich have to go... oh wait i forgot [ FRANZ MICH IS HOT THAT DAY!!!!] okay its done... hahas. well.. then we were like saying weixin's cant make full use of her butt.. lmao... then jia hui.. hey she was actually okay... maybe her first impression aint that good... lmao.. =] hmms... then i have to go home... weixin stayed over.. ohhs.. she must have dance all nights.
=] well... i'm so sorry to kamal.. he like waited me for two hours...*ahhs~* sorry.
my mar-dar-vin i'm sorry too.. =( .... i feel so badds ... hmms.. oh well... i enjoyed myself and i hope you guys did. love you guys.
by suie~


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