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Sunday, December 16, 2007
@ 4:57 AM

yesterday slept at 'bout eight i guess? 'cos i fell asleep like i din know..
laughs~ hmms.. woke up and head for the showers , ate my GRANNY'S pig trotters in black vinegar , with my favourite white sugared kueh.. lols and dong fen.. hmms.... then bought my cousins to Wild Wild WET.... hmm...
the weather forecast said it was going to rain but end up we played til six.
some unlucky stuffs... one i lost my handphone, secondly i hit my head on the wall... which end up bleeding. okay so i have become stoopid. good. *-*
heck! i have so much stuff undone. hmms..
Momi say she is not getting a new handphone with me. great. its such a luck that i have an extra phone at Mr issac there. MY LG!!~ hmms... without card.. even nicer luck.. hmm.. well lets see what's more worse nar.. kay.. gotta go for now. bye guys~
love suie

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