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Saturday, December 08, 2007
@ 9:24 PM

Talk about yesterday, went for tuition early in the morning.. got my BIGGY iced milo =) { thanks to them} hahas. Was almost late but still kinda make it [ 'cos others was even later ] =) okays. skip the talk and process. Chatted through out anyway. [ was suppose to have extra tuition but was shelved til' the upcoming tuesday ] Mr. GC gaves us a lecture then.
Messaged him, then went to tampinies mall to get romey's pressie.~ yupps~
okay .. * SCAM AT MAC~ ackks. just stick to the original oreo icecream for you guys info... hmms.. walked around then met him. after sending ivan. laughs~*
things aint smooth, well i saw my relatives right infront of me... Ah~ =.=
then we went to CS.. the same thing happen once again. how can it get?! lols.
headed to eastpoint in the end. stayed there and chatted. well, i realized that..
i could trust someone so much and... hmms...went home ate, haha... ate granny's pork noooooooooooooooooooooooooodles!!!~ yums~!! hahas. then played and chatted with cousin and weixin.. [ quarrel with my momi.. then headed out ]
packed cruise stuffs , and then chatted with HIM. til' four went to bed.
woke my momi.. =.= hahas.
early morning and was woke up by her and my sister. they were bickering and stuffs... shout and shout. i tried to ignore, but it was 'bout last night so i went to see. things were settled then. and my sister.. hmms.. took something and went to her cell. Dadi's coming home tomorrow. hmms.. kinda miss him, 'cos with him it would be much quiet... well.. not guaranteed...well.. gonna go to tampinies once again. hahas.
They have talked too much and its my turn to say ;
One wrong word and i was back again ;
Love made me strong, so do the wrongs ;
Tell me i'm wrong ,so i would stop ;
Tell me not to go ,so i would be slow ;
Tell me all the things, so i could once believe ;
Now tell me am i me , so i could still stand strong .
*dares wellas~!*


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.