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Sunday, December 09, 2007
@ 6:46 AM

Was at tampinies and my momi's heel broke. tsk. waited her to get her heels done and fixed then got myself red milk tea from xi men. =] Headed to toy'R'us next with my cousins 'cos they wanna get toys. But i found them at the 'pretty in tokoyo' =.= they were taking neos... got myself those cute flowers over there and chocos. some unhappie stuffs happen and well splited with my momi.. then headed over to takashimaya. the trip was super - long and i read my new book there . over at takashimaya , got my notebooks finally with my cousins. and then headed to the basement next to get something for my lil'tummy. *-*
shopped and then walked over to far east plaza. Got myself more bangles..*woots~* hahas , well.. you can't stop me.
uh huhs... then went over to eat at ramen ten for dinner.. then it started to rain next , then we cabbed home 'cos it was so so late. =) well then came home with all the treats . played and took pictures plus my granny looked at all the pictures~~ =.= hahas.
hmms.. kays i gotta go. bye.
you know it. but you aren't there.
i love it . because you cared.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.