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Friday, December 14, 2007
@ 3:56 AM

woots~* came back from cruise. it was like erhs.. ~ goshes..
damn bored there.. it was like after one am there is absolutely nothing [ programmes cum activities] for KIDS under 16 !!~ sh!t.. what crapss..
plus their arcade totally *bored* ... what a restriction. took some pictures there but the view point was barred from us. [passengers] hmms.. so it wasn't much to blog either but will give a brief say.
first day we waited to board the cruise like erhs.. so long..~ hmms..
then after that i took a walk round the cruise after the sucky buffet there, walked around and discovered so much. soon we found out that we lost our keycard... hell we cannot get in only our granny have it.. lols.. thanks to her..then went to bed after that.. have to accompany my cute granny.
the next day , we went to have buffet lunch.. hmms.. wont elaborate much..
went down the cruise as we arrived at Kuala Lumpur , smsed jacjac from there and she din know.. gosh she even replied..~shhs~ hahas.=) the trip there was by coach bus.. gosh the tour guide was like keep talking about disgusting topics.. SEX etc..=.= erhs.. okays then it started pouring.. din did much shopping cos cannot find what i want... and they only give us TWO hours.. okay seriously it was so not enough for ME. hmms.. but it did save quite a lot for me though.
hmms lost my sister.. cos we din have hadphones.. =.= then board the bus back to the cruise they changed the tour guide [ which was so different] plus friendly.
hmms.. lost thirty bucks there too, what luck~ ... went aboard on cruise and then.. place our stuff back to our roomie..after that we went to a so-called high class place to dine in.. lols. what a disgrace ( now dont you mention) I HAD MY APPLE PIE!! hahas.
rushed straight to the tarot reading booth. hmms.. lols.. damn expensive.. one reading $50.. lmao. did it.. hmms.. lols.
after that went to look at the stars , wanted to catch the gemini stars..(available tonight too) hahas.. and it din go wasted 'cos we saw two shooting stars..* i made a wish) =) hmms.. then some irritating indians came by and trying to get close to my cousins.. WHAT FREAKS~ not a racist thing but erhs?? *-* went back to our room and we started snacking , playing cards and i read my book [ actually planned to have a relaxing time on the cruise but din , i wanted to explore their library but din have the chance ] hmm.. slept and woke up to catch the sunrise and then fall to sleep again. woke up and was the last day, went to have breakfast and stuffs , took pictures and hell, a group of guys wanted us to be in their pictures, hey dont get the wrong idea.. it was a group of grown up indians.. and my cousin regconised that it was the same group last night~!? get real , how creepy it could get... *-* hmms checked-in and out.. the bill was very shocking indeed... hmms.. it was also that long though.. planned to go shopping at vivo but went home instead. the moment we got home it was bed time.. i couldnt get much sleep so went to play with my younger cousins... then sleep for bout an hour (was woke up by younger cousins) then bathed and went to get dinner. hmms.. called up HIM and chatted awhile before going out. =) camed back and i realised that the fact i have A. tuition tomorrow . B. i haven got my next year books. C. i have homework piled and undone. and D. i lost my AMATH textbook, my entire holiday homework (almost ALL) and those precious notes...
how lucky i COULD get... =.= i was so so.. FREAKED. hmms.. well and its a bad year for the monkey borned next year.. good luck guys..
now its time for me to. call up some peeps and get started. well till next time.. love suie.~`` P.S my momi taught me much on the trip and i really do love her.

'When its gone , just leave it
its no point getting it back,
'cos if something is yours it would be yours,
if not , even if you get it back once
it will be gone tomorrow or someday'


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.