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Friday, December 21, 2007
@ 2:46 AM

Just reached home and hit the showers straight [like what my mama said] ^-^
hmms.. 'bout today , woke up several times [ must be due to me family and 'cause i had an early night] well, then headed to get some school-related stuffs with my momi~ ate with her over at swensons.. and i swear i'm gonna puke at that place. hmmpfs~ though.. i had good impressions of that place earlier on.
walked around and also get to get a few stuffs for my lil'sister. Went over to momi's working place and help out quite awhile then headed home with a few dollars and chocos' in my baggie. well yepps =]
Shopped around and was actually looking at albums and books again..
[though kinda regretted taking momi's advice of getting that water-bottle]
DIn get any in the end 'cause of some reasons.. well, was actually wondering should i get the SHAPE magazine hms.. [ say whatever you want] you can't say i'm over-obsessed with those figures, but.. its a practical thing.. agree?
kinda realized that its so SO so bad walking alone missing your Boyfriend. and especially when you dont have your handphone with you~ almost tried on the payphone when i realise that i only have a ten-cent so.. =.= also notice that there are few peeps looking at me when i pass by them.. perhaps i'm too-sensitive or its just the way i dress today. [wore something i thought i could wear on the 25th which is on christmas.. by the way its just a few days away..
Which kinda reminds me, well currently on my work , since i left ten + days to finish all my holiday-assignments.. and 'bout four-five days for my x'mas cards~! well well.. MRT-ed home and was going to get magazine.. but couldn't find SHAPE~ [ so so not my day always] Saw Britnet on the cover page of lime , so i got it.. [ oh yes i am interested in her ] =) then walked home.. recieved a call from ivan saying about something.. well asked him to take my homework for me.
=) well, tomorrow's tuition and got to really rush.. supps and away~!!
P.S hope he will be free.. and could call...
* Yes, i'm not fit to judge any one.
And so are you , so dont YOU dare to judge me,
'Cause for i am who i am. *
~seen the real faces of the world, that can be so money-minded~til then
LOVE suie``*


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.