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Friday, December 28, 2007
@ 2:58 AM

SO i was totally freak out~ fine.

hmms.. din sleep for the whole night well and went for band. totally no mood and met them on the bus. only ivan manage to some how see me with my face buried in my book. Lols~ well, band was tedious.. and we even got a free drink. well at least for the hard work. hmms.. then was like walking around with the pictures explaining everything. hms.. oh and one was too eek to be posted which is the SECond big attack of cockroaches.. yuckies~ totally. well, then was band practice again after break. hmms.. and i really Hasse peeps that label others when they are totally not. please so what you looked better NOW?~ hmmpfs~

after band went to eastpoint to pick up some stuffs with cher. and ate at home after that. lolas~ hmms... totally was damn out. oh ya. enjoy the pictures while i rush my homework... dear dear.. schoool's starting and i haven get any books plus.. with all the revisions and homework piling up hahas. gotta buck up if i want that Junior collage. well.. toodles~ loves suie. i just loved the way you smiled.. and how the past that reminds me.. that what you is not that you anymore. =(

they.. the back views
Helps~ jeromey
fire engine. do you know why they place the words backwards?
hahas hahas
we only look grown up

we are the perfect match
ever seen siewmin carry a hamster?
and her hubby carrying a mouse?



When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.