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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
@ 10:57 PM

hmms... so all about it.. count down over with carmen.. at her dad's studio.. Was suppose to have ultimate fun but things wasn't that smooth-going. Hmms.. ate a bit over there.. and well, count down and stuffs. Took some pictures - posted below - And yea THANK YOU Shawn.. for the piggy back and stuffs and -I HATE YOU- laughs~* hmms.. then was the night after which was supposingly my nine month anniversary with MARVIN. okay cool, but we broke upp. Surprized? hmms.. { i wanted to hug you, to say i loved you , and to really really say i miss you } But i did not. i choose to let it go. =] No worries, cause we are still friends. =) hmms..things between us are not working out so it ended anyway. =) today was the first day of school. Knew the change of teachers and it was definitely not cool. [ wanted ms tan to be back ] and Mr wee. =) new timetable kinda.. hmms.. no comments. well. Went to tampinies mall after that and well.. back to eastpoint. ate..[horrible] and now blogging while on the phone with carmen tan ying. hmms.. going for german class later, co CHUS~
loves suie

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