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Sunday, January 06, 2008
@ 7:52 AM

Woahs~! i love you~ okay i SUCKS.. totally. Morning was dialling at those two duper freaks phone..*grrs* like always. Then headed for tuition once again. i am so freaked by all the upcoming TESTS~! *Urps* Prepared breakfast since i woke up early before then usual. Then headed to the place and got my drink..[ super ] =] Completely doing and doing piles of work soon found myself doodling on Baobei's handbook. *again* got scolded by him and he said he was getting a new book, was quite bothered actually but hey that means i could continue to doodle at the previous one. NOT BAD *smirks* okay i am SO bad. *-* Laughs~*

Went around eastpoint couldn't find what i want. then went home after i got my dose of newspaper. Ate lunch *disgusted* ... went to study for physics.. Snacked.. [ i couldnt resist.] *wonder what would marvin say if he knew. LMAO! * Then hamtaro called, then switched to xueling's phone.. well... and i realized i have been studying the wrong material for the test for hours.. and i was like... =.= *ahhs~!* okays.. fine...~ hmms.. then continued on my home/holiday work. Then weixin called.. i realized i haven got my school books till now. okay i sucks. hahas.

Oh~ papa came back and bought me a watch * he some how knows i need one* ^-^ it stated a brand but i dont actually know its a fake or what.. so .. i guess its pretty much the same. as long it looks nice.. who cares whether its a 5 buck watch or 500 dollars watch. =) well.. din manage to take a picture of the watch but you could see it for yourself anyway. =) *slurps*

Slack time over - gotta go back to my work guys - *smirks*

Ever wonder and think to see a show down between fergie and nicole from pussy catdolls.?
make me love. cause its the hardest thing. =) make me speak . cause... i want it so. =)
LIEBE #suie!


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