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Saturday, January 12, 2008
@ 3:51 AM

BOO! I know its like 100000000000000~ years i din blog. and weixin will go SUIE. no one reads your blog because you always dont update. =) okay i know. hmmpfs.. Want to know what's really going on with me and my life recently? take Britney. Currently in the state of hers.. feels a bit i am living her life and REACTING like her , doing her actions and whole load.. compare short hair and bald. total regrets. Was CCA fair yesterday. I really enjoy it particularly , just dont know why.. was kinda SH!t when i kinda screw it with my common usual made mistakes.. and was like *was it a curse from matthias?* anything *-*

Just love our uniform and the pieces, particularly the boots its always.. everyone applause and the attention? BAND! love it. seeing all my juniors and everything.. really.. there was something indescribable... hahas... where's the dictionary?! Laughs~* alrights.. Was total tiring everything... [ was leaving memories everywhere , footsteps on typical corners , and smiles on every phone]

hahas. Wonder when its the time where no one knows. =)

~Every bitches listen up. you dont know what i can do, perhaps i cant do anything. Dont think you ever know me, even i say so. Cause i dont think i even know myself / i am not someone you would be interested anyway. ~

Total shag today. Happy birthday JOSHUA. and And HAOKIAT.

LIEBE #suie!


When whispers no longer survive;

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