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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
@ 6:35 AM

So yepps.. din get the chance to blog , well.. because i was damn tired and stuffs.. hahas. hmms.. was through adam khoo workshop as you guys should know. hmms.. was actually waiting to expect something out of it. [ according to my seniors, its gonna be good and shouldnt be missed] hmms..
well... it was quite enjoyable.. i mean we are like laughing throughout the coaches was damn hilarious.. and one [danny] was damn...ARGHS~* you just feel like punching him but overall he was good. and from what i know all of them had a damn sad and bad story. And i think whatever they said made quite a sense too.. like not giving up and stuffs. very very... i did say motivating and they did not keep mention studies and so.. more on life. so overall like i said.. din bore us anyway. breaks was as usual and like often. hmms.. Today was kinda cool.. boring bit at first .... but was enjoyable next.. FAV - coach was Amin. Damn cool.. some things he did made him cute although he wasnt that good-looking anyway. Heard some things from michelle.. and wonders but.. actually... he could come talk to me straight though some things its gonna be hard and advisably not to say. =) hahas.
Today went school with weixin and both of us was like so into the b0ok thingy.. lols... and i thought i beat her to it.. realized its the same anyway.
Workshop today was the so-called we've been waiting to experience the CRYING part.. the thing is we were expecting so much it doesnt seem to appear to affect much on me and mich. i'm not sure 'bout the two other plastics but not me and michelle.=) say us heartless *whatever* *-*
and then we wrote much about our parents.. at first i thought i had nothing to write about them [ good points. the ones i will miss about them ]
well, then i realized i got more things to write for my dadi then momi.. weird.. when they say that kids are suppose to be closer to their momi...
that was what i thought so too... as my dadi wasnt really good ... well...
that proved me wrong in anyway. or either. =) glad that i was awaken once more to forgive.. and i realized some friends / dears of mine that have been so good to me.. that i kinda took it for granted. *kinda regret* and i can feel the guilt,... sorry guys. really... =) i hope its not too late yet, this is my last year and i gonna make what its of it ... means... yepps.. =) hopefully. by then.... hahas. =) hmms.. oh.. got my Cleo today and was wondering should i get woman's weekly and the magazine auntie was like going girl dont buy is for auntie like me. hahahs.. then i was like okay.. and she commented you grew up so quickly from teenage to cleo.. now how old are you?
blahs~* and we chatted , time to waste while waiting for MOMO.. =)..
its good when you have pals everywhere. lols... but not like carmen if you ask me. =).. okays gotta pass the computer to my cousin.. and woots~* shopping spree tomorrow. hope everything turns out good.
hahas. LIEBE suie~


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