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Monday, January 14, 2008
@ 1:48 AM

hahas. Today was quite a sucess well for a normal day~ and hahas.. got my breakfast , ( raw eggs) i am staying out of egg days for quite some time til easter!
hahas. woke up at six plus, haven even showered and it was 6.40~ sh!t.. then my sister and momi quarrel what luck~ *-* showered and momi offered to drive me to school.. of cause and got me breakfast,... which is raw eggs and *butterfly* [ a kind of flour thingy fried de] oh well.. it was not bad.. met plastics as usual and passed haokiat his birthday pressie. =) how good am i? kidds~ then went on to lessons... matrix was getting way complicated or it was me missing all the talks while napping. not much up til.. english and Ms rahayu was kinda nice to me.. i did math work during her lessons and she said nothing? cools~ wonder how long this will last... kekes. *-* hmms.. then was lunch break chatted quite a lot with the girls and had my MILO! hahas. the topic nono.. no showing here! hahas.
after school was planning to go home but headed to tampinies mall with plastics. hmms... browse through magazines.. usual chatted and they went to get waffles and i ate my last butterfly. Next accompanied weixin to get her baking stuffs, then it rained while we are going home. SH!t we are damn wet after running and was like you should see the look on weixin. so enthusiastic in running through the rain!~ LMAO. so went to showered and tried my momi's cooking well it was okay overall for a person who din cook for so long. hmms.. then drank...MILO again.. hahas. suddenly have a crave for it. oh well.. gonna get on with some blog stuffs and back to my work.. then all sort of things. tomorrow's adam khoo workshop. let see what he brings. oh well.. time to go.
LIEBE suie. all the readings on the back. Peace out. BYES~


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