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Saturday, January 19, 2008
@ 7:15 PM

Tips: Dont go shopping when your sister is around? kiddings...
hmms.. Got some of my new year clothes.. not really what i actually planned to get but its somehow similar to what my lil'sister got but just different colour so is it somewhat similar? or? laughs~* okay cut the craps. yesterday was CiP so naturally tuition was held back t0 a later timing which at the later part got me kinda pissed off... anyway.. plastics went to *somewhere* again. okay hid the place so it wont become a random place of others again. then we went to get something to eat. Got Milo dinosaur , (michelle accompany me) hahas. love her.
then we shopped around ( seriously when its gonna be a day where shopping doesnt stop girls) hahas. okay then headed back to school which was obviously we are late =.=... lols. weixin and carmen had to rush for tuition so its just me and michelle then we headed to tampinies mall slacked.. then she accompanied me to 201.. for tuitions.. we got lunch.. together.. and we were like so troublesome.. and if i were the person who sold us the noodles i think i would have freaked and shrieked.. but who cares.. hahas. then at tuition waited for the two elder freaks to come damn fugly can?! urghs.. and only babobei cared if i broke ties with him. okay, whatever. hmms.. then after that got to mac to pack food. and then with baobei's accompany ( his help to chase the bus and prevent my food from being spoiled) , and i boarded the bus. hmms... kinda bac as it was kinda rush and i din manage to really say a good , bye to him and then i supposed he went off to find his parents.. and did i mention IVAN PANG SEH ME~! okay cool now did i mention.. hahas. okays got home and ate.. while i lied there reading mycurrent book.. the palace of laughters... kinda mystical.. lols.
say i'm childish.. whatever. then fell asleep.. woke up and went to eat again.. and then it repeated with my dad screaming * stop sleeping and wake up if not you wont get any sleep in the night* -i wonder- and i look at the clock.. okay it was like ten? but i still continue to sleep and tada just woke up .. so bored now and maybe going out later... thought i told michelle i am going to start my hardwork like today.. but yet agian NO~ and she would normally say.. * its okay , cause i'm also like that* lols.~ i think most of us were too.. okays so now guys i got to run..~ see you peeps next time and oh ya.. pictures/videos below. byes.


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