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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
@ 10:58 PM

woots~* so yepps.. skipped part of the workshop so i could go **with my momi. anyway. it wasn't pleasant by then. just saw shihui again. and she.. somehow still haven quite grown up yet. with her attitude and stuffs. i think the whole scholl will soon know by then. i need not mention much now. =) well, okay.. cut straight to the point and that's all.. they say today if your parents did not go for the closing ceremony... we would regret but.. my parents.. wont be able to make it.. oh well.. today workshop was just simple briefing and stuffs.. think its because it was the last day and so.. then a Trainer tested us. And who knew.. that in the end he was just.. trying to so called teach us something and prove somepoint.. Those who got so nervous but did not got tested in the end was like so..~ i wasnt one of them i can tell.. you... but seriously..me i thought it was like i gonna get shouted and told to get out but in the end....NO... *-* so it was kinda like ...=.= oh well.. someone tagged said that their stories are fake? * serious*??
oh well.. but they are trying to get us motivated by the way and for your information i did question about their stories as well.. but of cause not to them but to DAVID.. the Canadian one. lols... he look so cute doing the raindeer and chiwawa.. hahas.. lmao. hope later i could get some good stuffs nor. if not today is really damn wasted. hmms.. took up lessons again.. again.. by family circumstances. oh well.. good enrichment nor so..its alright with me its just that i gonna be a bit packed around my time. like what danny say..SUCK them DRY! lolas.. i wonder how me , ivan and baobei gonna SUCK mrFRANK dry~? hahas..
kiddings~ hmms.. alrights now waiting for my momi/cousin. so yeah shall continue maybe in the night or i might be rushing my homework. cause i haven done chinese and its like so damn due by then. hmms.. work hard...
LIEBE #suie!.
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