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Monday, February 11, 2008
@ 3:43 AM

And so i am back~ hmms.. felt so much cooler here. =) My pictures almost summarize what happen on the first and the last day.. well i think i went for three days though.. *-* okay cut the craps. Went there *almost* straight after school's celebration.. *my pictures* and well was kinda cool about it. not really tiring. =) Momi waws doing a last minute - quick grab - of her new year shopping at the airport. * finding her burberry top* oh well.. and saw a cute tote there too.. which costed 500 ++ SING dollars. @-@ .... momi din got what she she wanted but we continued our flight anyway. ate on the plane, then reached malaysia. nothing much has changed *except for the systems* and saw my dear uncle again. This year was a bit different cause we turned and went to fetch my cousins too. =) *woots~* Then back to my granny's house! Seeing my granny again after so long was nice. Misses her so so so much. =) OKay so the same routine happens.. Steamboat , gambling.. blahs~kinda lost interest in those cards though.. and well... din drink either.
This year was sure different cause.. we went to their Ktv/kbox/pub... whatever they catergorise...it. Met my cousin's few friends. they are nice except for one which is kinda... fierce?? *-* anyway.. had much fun .. and lame-ness.. *-* then yet again.. cards.. doing lots of traveling around and stuffs..
On the second last day was better , kinda* cause manage to went to one of penang's shopping centre. visited a few shops and got myself another accessory..plus we almost caught a movie there... although din in the end.. but we played at the arcade. and i was so so tempted to get myself a few of those racing cars cards. coolest~ and it was much coincidence that we met a few of my cousins friends.. *different* ones.. hahas. ANd she answered ' its like you seeing your friends at those malls in singapore' and it does make some sense. =) i guess because i din manage to see any of their friends at almost all visits to malaysia. =) Then we ate at their sakae sushi.. woo ! i din manage to take that picture.. but they have sushis made for valentine! and it was damn cute... ever seen heart-shaped sushis?? woah~! hahas. =) and the same thing back at granny's.
last day.. woke up at the latest time~ had penang's nasi lemak and granny's dishes for breakfast.. *damn full* after that headed to their airport straight. was supposed to do some shopping.. but because of traffic so... SADDS~ sobbs. then do some last minute shopping at the airport up and back to SINGAPORE. was kinda hungry so drop pass goria jeans and grabbed some bite. =) MOM"S treat. =) back home, washed up and ate. =) was kinda pissed that i cant blog this on the actualy day cause there's no connection. oh well.. but was surprized that i could still summarise most of the stuffs that happened. momi actually betted that whoever gains the most weight can get $500. and well.. the runners are me , my sister, my cousin and my momi. My sister slimmed ~woah~ well.. so she's out. My momi and me both gained *** Kg.. now left my cousin. s we shall see who will get that Money~! lmao. so its like you FAT you are RICH. and i sont know whether is it worth it or not. well.. but since ner year's celebration of my family is over, its time to lose that unwanted burden!
okay sweat the talk out. tomorrow's a new day and i want to get stuffs. misses everyone. LIEBE suie.~P.S .....................................


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