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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
@ 4:40 AM

ho~.. been busy lately? oh well, dozing off and slacking is what i have been 'seeing' hmms.. things happen like in a routine in school really nothing much exception getting really irritated by those erhs~ lending... if you 'know' what i mean. *-* oh well.. HAPPIE BIRTHDAY SYLVIA LAO PO! hahas. glad that you liked that pressie. hmms.. well.. this is the last year and i din really get anything well thoughtful and nice for her.. so its like.. i hope this year is gonna be a nice one so yeah. people dont get so freak out.. =) just saying no other intention if you guys know what i meant. =)

hms.. today was like totally freak out... dozed off yesterday so wsa damn energetic today.. but dont get me wrong.. i still slept in class.. as usual. =) hmms.. Gonna have tests like every now and then. realize actually time was kinda tight.. had to hold chance on any time slot that teacher have. woah.. think i must have gone crazy.. but seriously i still think i am have slacking it through.. it seemed like i haven dona my best .... i know ... hmms.. i think... oh well... gonna be seeing mrs tan anyway on friday. =) ...

Lunched with the girls plus winnie today and century square.. okay so there was something likie banana prata.. okay.. =) tried it.. yes i am abnormal michelle... lols... okays well.. it was nice actually as in for me but i dont know for you guys... actually someone in the past was suppose to accompany me to try it.. hahas. but i have tried it now.. with my girls. and the feeling aint bad.. =)...

hmms.. now i have more to handle for some serious planning and i dont wanna keep playing KIKI CHAN! lols. hahas. hms... people i hope you guys will be working hard too. i wanna see HALF OF OUR BATCH SCORING LESS THEN..... lols.. still early to say. but i know.. if you think you can get it.. you can.. cause the impossible.. is I.M.POSSIBLE. see it? love it and learn it. =)

see you guys tomorrow. hopefully? plus extra amaths tomorrow. what luck. lols. CHus~

LIEBE. #suie!


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