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Saturday, January 26, 2008
@ 11:43 PM

Ever take pictures if your own shadow? if you ever wear a spring-outfit and under the sun with a bag that has a chunky /long strap with it / chain hanging , try to see and discover the beauty of your shadow. seen it? today went vivo with momi.. cause she wanna get something from there and i just tagged along. Didnt get anything.. [ clothes eg] but just ate with her and stuffs. =) hmms.. then from bugis Mrt-ed all the way home. Now blogging. took a uber-long time but.. did nothing much. seems like if life pace can be that slow everyday i suppose people wont be so stressed up anyway. =) oh well.. just cant seem to concentrate on my studies. and not doing much either. hmms.. feeling that i have been eating and snacking too much lately without working out. That's very bad. and not good for me and my figure. oh well.. i gotta stop it soon. plus i cant believe i am lagging behind with all those revisions. one day i might just go crazy and rush everything. and i dont want that day to come when it is just a few weeks before the 'O's... that's uber-bad. super. =( hmms.. well.. guys i gotta go now. should be napping. but i hope i survive and study. byes~ chuSs~

Liebe #suie!


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