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Thursday, February 14, 2008
@ 4:38 AM

HAPPIE VALENTINES~ slept at five and woke up at six. what a perfect sleep i got. LMAO>practically for almost the whole week i have been lacking of sleep but .. its fine.. i even sleep less in class.... *-* anyway. Today totally missed out much stuffs.. as usual because of one reason and most classmates knows it. *snores*... hmms.. Cross-country is up again with even more additions of its usual relays and stuffs.. *rolls* plus.. this year's cross-country was pushed to an even earlier timing which we can't even meet up for breakfast. laughs~* =) Will try to get to top 20 ***** lols. as if i can. Oh well.. very tempted to not run and take pictures as well.. but will see how it goes till then. ^-* !! Morning was totally damn damn embarrassed. Running into school thinking we are not late with a bag of cookies and two bouquet of flowers. Then , reaching to the gates and to see whle line of similar latecomers staring at you while you are still holding with those stuffs. lastly , walking into the parade square with everyone sitting down while you are standing with the same items being obvious. okay so.. it was very very... abashed to be caught in that situation. *-* Oh well.. did some exchanging of presents during christmas. i loved the cards from huiting and xueling both held great meanings. the loviest present was actually kimsiongs one. Although a small and not really thoughtful gift but.. it was really cute and nice. =) the exquistive ones were from Hamtaro , winnie , huiting and xueling they actually got something i wanted but wont buy it myself. it was like... fulfilling one of my wish items off the wishlist! hahas. =) Extra classes was next * after getting pissed waiting so long for my food* GRRS. Lesser people went compare to previous one and did much chatting and remembrance there. Was actually not doing much except for worksheet. =0 After that waited for micha nd xueling to come back from the leadership course thingy , since i was also doing maths all along. *-* din go for band practice cause for some reasons. On the way back was piss by my sister. Got my starbucks and went home. Ate + showered. Packed everything and then started some work. and realised i am actually missing quite alot from all those sleeps i have during lessons. was like caught dead by Mr.Goh who some how always know when i am alert or day-dreaming.. [ is it that obvious ] ? oh well.. he is the teacher so i cant say/do much. =) Tomorrow's band meeting wonder what's gonna be it. and oh well.. realised that people have much misconception of one and another. who knows whats going through others , even of someone closest to you , you might not even know what's going on/wrong with them. spare some thoughts/love/care. i almost regretted not doing all that.=) Happy valentines once again for i have to go like every other time yet again.LIEBE suie. =)


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