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Saturday, March 01, 2008
@ 4:29 AM

Saturdays~ today was actually different. oh well.. early in the morning and having disprutes with momi with some money thingy. *such a random* - zlich- i dropped my lappy! ouch* sh!t. what a day. after tuition.. haeded to meet carmeny . Then stayed over at kfc with her doing some revisions and end up chatting. laughs~* randoms. and guys.laughs~* typical. Soon carmeny need to leave for her ballet class , send her to the bus stop and then went back to find baobeiis. they were at the cyber shop. playing computer and i realized... something... that let me look at them from another perspective.. o_O...well.. i shall not say... cause its not gonna be nice anyway.. as in.. you guys will end up laughing. i must admit.. kinda lameo/pervertic/funny. laughs~* anyway. end up they can't accompany me home so end up walking home alone , met hamtaro next to get back my chemistry practical book. then headed home. ate and continued some work. din complete much and went on snacking. hais... agains...oh well.. then showered plus my lil'sister came home early. thus.. yeahs. later calling romey.. hope it will do good. hmms.. okay shall update blog soon too.bye peeps. liebe dich. by suie.
* when it all falls back to one. it no longer felt the same , its just that the scenerio's the same.* PICTURES BELOW> byes.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.