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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
@ 4:45 AM

hmms... its like ages since i blogged yea? hmms.. a total disgrace of myself from the precious post and pictures but hope you guys enoyed it and i know SOMEONE did..especially! hahas. =) rights no offence here. Today was like SAME?? as always.. hmms.. Did stc with Ms rahayu.. and she was like.. SO weird?? wonders heard that Band's camp this year during march is going to be a REAL packed one so everyone will have to go home rest after the day at there for the three days of the camp.. if you get what i mean... *-* oh well.. Feeling kinda stress up these days.. from unknown stuffs and getting really really slack as i have stop doinbg much excercise these days which i usually would.. hmms.. and its like... i feel damn FAT. seriously. Cross-country is like on the friday and i hope i could at least gain some points for my house.. i dont want to run for nothing , and hope also to get some nice pictures on the way.. but doing the running so maybe not much chance. =) oh well.. TO weixin.. pictures are uploaded but not send. if want please online when i am .. and send me a sms too. thus i could sent you via messenger... via hotmail.. equals troublesome. got much work not done and gotta get some stuffs before i continue My essays. CHUS guys...
LIEBE ihr.... suie.

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