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Saturday, February 23, 2008
@ 6:41 PM

Its like i am from another kind of world. =) Many random things happen and i shall not remember all .[ okay i admit its my STM-ing ] Definitely going brief.Recieved the letter from the traffic police.. and like what i said.. my dadi didnt notice the NAME but i am a goody two shoes and listens to my FRIEND *arran* and admit it . I actually din get scoldings but mocks from dadi.. What crap. Then it was cross country on Friday. Met the few as usual.. some random stuffs happen which i prefer to not say. Scalded my tongue.. and hitted arran , before he showed as some random stoopid video he had on his Handphone. Ran for cross country while mich and xin helped to take pictures. Candids. Got a ninth position out the race and actually felt i accomplished at least something for the Secondary year. Although i regretted not joining the east view idol. [ okay laugh all you want , but i did wanted to join ] after that cabbed home with hamtaro and weixin. Reached home and off to the bed i go. and realised after the run .. i atually couldnt get to sleep. Total regrets. since that i went to grab some bites and rented a few discs to watch. got myself stardust , nancy drew and aquamarine *my lil sister wanna watch * oh well.. so homeworked and watched the shows.Saturday. Tuition as usual. was supposed to meet some friend but he/she was late. so went to lunched with Baobeiis. Then went home to do some randoms stuffs and coincidently met a friend of mine which i shall keep secret of who. chatted , and so. Realised some stuffs that .. i never thought of. *-* ... Msn-ed some random people.. and went off to met the he/she. got my stuffs.. and off i go. its kinda lameo.. but hey my stuffs ... so responsibility here. got home and start continuing my shows without my lil'sister.. since she was like going to reach home and an UBER late timing?? so half-ate half watched... and dadi was home.. was supposed to do physics.. DADI actually asked me to.. but still i want my SHOWS. too bad. Soon was about night and chatted with someone.. and had a real kinda long talk with he/she. ....~ let me just stop here and wait til i know how to go on ....realised i used RANDOM so many times. and i really wonder too.. am i just another random thing/person/life in everyones eye. i really wonder. pictures for galores.

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